Board of Directors

 The  YRCC Board meets the second Tuesday of each month at 2:30pm. Most  meetings are held at the YRCC dining room, but we sometimes meet at  different locations within our service areas, so be sure to check our newsletter for details. Our annual membership meeting and elections are held in February. Please consider YRCC membership if you are not already a member. It is a great way to support what we do, with added benefits for you! 

Frances Lechner, President

I helped to secure the four-year contract with NACOG, developed and  expanded the Club Yarnell program with the assistance of Jerry Florman, served as campaign chair for Steve Spence's successful campaign for Honorary Mayor, handled the paperwork for the legal name change of the Center, filled in as back-up for the Executive Director on occasional days off, and wrote many of the Yellow Sheet articles about the Center on Kim's behalf.  I eat and shop regularly to the Center! I love the Center and its amazing cadre of volunteers that make it all  happen, and appreciate the tremendous work of the Board. 


Joyce Dennison, Vice President

Recently Retired in Walnut Grove, Joyce is homesteading out on the  Hassayampa river, and helping husband John build a rammed earth solar  home. Joyce is a retired psychologist, professor and teacher.

For the past 4 years, Joyce has been an active volunteer in helping Paul Jones and the recovery efforts through counseling in Yarnell.  Her activities in the Walnut Grove community include school board, free little library, nutritional lunch support group, and now being an area ambassador for the Yarnell Regional Community Center . 


Leah Tidey, Secretary

Leah Tidey and her husband, Chuck, moved to Yarnell  in 2007.  After long careers and living from the West Coast to the East  Coast, Leah and Chuck have settled down and now call Yarnell home.  Leah  has been a volunteer at the Yarnell Regional Community Center since  2011, beginning as a volunteer in the kitchen.  She coordinates the  monthly YRCC Newsletter and in collaboration with Kurt Florman, they  produce the Weaver Mountains Community Calendar. She has been on the YRCC Board for two years and as Secretary for six months and hopes to continue to be a part of this thriving, much needed asset to the Weaver  Mountains' communities. Leah is also actively involved in the Yarnell  Community Garden Project and the Yarnell Fire Auxiliary. 


Gale Henry, Treasurer

Gale Henry is a Peeples Valley resident who managed the full-service home remodeling company with her husband Robert in the Peeples Valley / Yarnell area. She has been a regular participant in Club Yarnell activities, the local Art Group, and has attended YRCC Board meetings in order to learn more about the Center. She is a loving and committed wife of a pastor, has a huge heart, and gets things done.


Steve Spence, Member at Large

Being a mortician for many years, I found that helping people cope  with the loss of loved ones was all about helping those left behind and  showing compassion for the living. After retiring in 1998, I wanted to leave the big cities and needed something meaningful to do, so I began volunteering wherever I could.

I enjoy volunteering at the Community Center, belonging to the Garden Club and helping my neighbors. I look forward to serving on the Board and working with my fellow board members. Yarnell is full of wonderful people and I hope to meet them all. 


Rebecca Wilks, Member at Large

Rebecca is a retired OB-Gyn and now works as a professional photographer. She and her husband, Marco Cecala, have lived part time in Yarnell since 2005 and expect to be full-timers soon. She's also  active in Arizona Rotary and Through Each Others Eyes, a nonprofit which creates international cultural exchanges with photographers.  She looks forward to lending her time and energy to the Center, a central part of our communities.