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Growing up in southern New Jersey, I had no idea what the west would bring. In 2013, I set off with my wife, Tiffany, for my first trip west of the Mississippi river. We came to Yarnell to visit family, and immediately fell in love with this small town. The beautiful landscape, tight-knit community, and southwestern charm (not to mention the perfect weather!) brought us back again and again until we were able to permanently relocate in early 2017. We are so happy to be a part of the community, and I very much look forward to the challenges and opportunity here at the Yarnell Regional Community Center.

I have had my share of "learning experiences" along my career journey. In my younger years, I found myself chasing the titles, advancement and, of course, the almighty dollar. I quickly found myself trapped in the rat race, spending my days in a corporate cage, or wandering through the maze seemingly designed to leave you running in circles. I was chasing the goals and dreams assigned to me, rather than following my heart. My happiness and satisfaction came from the many volunteer opportunities I had the privilege of experiencing.

From the time I was a teenager to the present day, I have had many chances to serve. It all began with youth mission trips through my local church, assisting poverty-stricken residents in the mountains of Jamaica, and performing volunteer activities for JAARS Bible Translators at their North Carolina headquarters. I was involved many times over the years assisting in meal preparation and serving at the Atlantic City Rescue Mission in New Jersey. Many local church-sponsored projects and assistance programs gave me opportunities to help disabled and elderly residents with basic housekeeping, meal preparation, yard work, painting, and minor maintenance projects.

As I move into this critical community role, serving our wonderful residents, I am excited about what I can do for you, what you can do for us, and what we can all accomplish together. I have seen Yarnell pull together as a community to help those in need many times before, and am honored to join the team. My door will always be open, and I welcome everyone's input and ideas as we work together to strengthen and expand the vision of the Yarnell Regional Community Center!

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Mike Dixon -- our new Executive Director

Mike will start working on April 30th, and will work with Kim until May 31st, when she will retire. Below is his story.

Updated May 30, 2018
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