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  Executive Director
From Kim Lytle

I have always believed that life is anything but linear. If you remain open to new experiences and commit to your interests, opportunities cross your path and are yours for the taking.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Social Welfare from the University of Minnesota. My first job was as a Social Service Director at an urban nursing home in south Minneapolis. From there my life took scenic routes, high speed thoroughfares and dead ends through retail giants, jails and prisons (as an employee) and my own health food store right here in Yarnell.

Two years ago I identified an unmet need in our senior community. Seniors struggling to keep their companion animals when faced with medical and financial hardships. I developed Petey's Playground to support those difficulties.

Now I find myself closing the circle with this great job that allows me to utilize all the skills I have acquired over the years.

I was a Meals on Wheels driver for a year. I am so aware of the significant positive impact that program has on our residents. Our drivers continue to go so far beyond basic meal delivery with our clients. Their health and happiness is a priority to them. The meals on wheels and congregate dining programs are cornerstone to our mission. Bigger and bigger crowds enjoy our lunch menu and the camaraderie  in our dining room Monday through Friday

We are now in a position to expand the services that we offer to continue to help the seniors and other community members whether is a short term or longer term need.

I have a vision of the center becoming a great place to meet and share ideas. An all-inclusive resource that makes everyone feel welcome and valued.  Everyone can make a contribution toward that vision, with ideas, time or monetary donations.

My door is always open. If we have not met yet please stop by and introduce yourself.

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or call 928-427-6347

  Development Coordinator
From Joan Abbey

I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, and always wanted to live in the central highlands area of Arizona. As luck would have it scholarship opportunities found me moving to Michigan to complete my Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Development from Oakland University and a Masters in Social Work from the University of Michigan. Forty-two years later after living and working in Michigan, first at the University of Michigan and then as Research Office Director at the College of Health and Human Services I retired in 2013. For over 30 years, I conducted research, and taught research/evaluation and social policy classes. Also during my career, I authored 28 successful proposals generating over $21.6 million in grants and contracts.
     Retirement allowed me to fulfill my dream of living in Arizona's central highlands. I moved back to my Arizona and purchased a home in Prescott Valley in 2016. Upon retiring I formed Abbeywood Associates, LLC, which focuses on providing strategic planning, fund development, evaluation and strategic analytics for non-profit organizations in the public and private sectors. This enables me to continue my work of the past quarter of century helping state/local governments and private non-profit agencies in policy and program design, financing and evaluation.
     A personal goal of my work is to help non-profit organizations become learning organizations. Learning organizations seek to create their own future. They engage in ongoing and creative processes that allow it to adapt and transform itself in response to the needs and aspirations of people inside and outside of the organization.
     Working with small non-profit organizations that provide needed community services such as the Yarnell Regional Community Center (YRCC) is a passion of mine. I welcome the opportunity to work with Kim Lytle, the Board of Directors and YRCC members to achieve YRCC's goal of sustainable growth to meet current and emerging community needs. The greatest asset YRCC has that I will employ in my fund development activities are the YRCC members and residents in the surrounding communities.
     I look forward to getting your ideas, valuable insights, and working with you to pursue your vision and mission. In the coming weeks and months, I hope to meet with you all and learn how we can collaborate to enhance this wonderful community asset - the YRCC.

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