Copyright © 2000-2017 Yarnell Senior Citizens, Inc.                                                                                                       Website by Kurt Florman
Copyright © 2000-2017 Yarnell Senior Citizens, Inc.                                                                                                               Website by Kurt Florman

Quick Links
Photo by Patty Cooper
Hotshot State Park Shuttle
     There is now a State Park-provided shuttle to and from the Granite Mountain Hotshot Memorial State Park.
     The shuttle is based at the Assembly of God Church in Glen Ilah.  Parking is available there. Follow the signs.
     The shuttle runs from 7am-5pm every 30 minutes. Seven days a week until the 31st of October. After the 31st State Parks may/may not change the schedule and base location.

What's in a Name?
It's official! Our official new name -- Yarnell REGIONAL Community Center -- more accurately describes our service area and efforts in our region: North Ranch to the south and Skull Valley and Wilhoit to the north. Our new acronym is the YRCC.

eBay items for sale:
Sometimes the Thrift Store receives a donation that is worth significantly more than we are likely going to be able to sell it for in the normal course of business. When that happens, we often attempt it sell it on eBay.

Well, it happens often enough that we have set up our own "store" to do that. Try it out at, where we're known as Seniors Plus-22302 (I don't know why...)

The Potter House -- "Off Center"
We have been "gifted" the building and land next door that had been used as the Potter's Church.
        Now have to decide just how to best use this property and are asking our interested memberships to think about this. Please let us know if you would like to be part of this committee.
Continuing Activities
Tai Chi -- First Tues of each month -- 6:00-7:00 pm -- FREE

Game Night - Mondays, 4:00pm
Join us for Dominoes and Farkle, or bring your own favorite and we'll try it out.  For more info, call Jerry at 602-399-1679

Current Flyers -- Click to enlarge
Copyright © 2000-2017 Yarnell Senior Citizens, Inc.                                                                                                       Website by Kurt Florman
Wellness. Quality of Life.
Yarnell Regional Community Center (YRCC) - Kim Lytle 928-427-6347
     The end of the year already? Hard to believe. We had a busy 2017 and feel good about our programming and outreach efforts. We are proud of our successes and look forward to sharing them with you at our Annual Meeting in February. In the meantime, we still have much work to do.
Northern Arizona Council of Governments (NACOG) subsidizes the meals we serve to our homebound clients. The need has grown and currently NACOG only subsidizes half of what we serve. Therefore, fundraising for these meals continues to be our priority. There are two ways you can help.
     1- Come and see our raffle items: a mountain bike, a home karaoke machine and a brand-new printer are available and on display in our dining room. Stop by, shop, have lunch and get your tickets! They are 6 for $5.00 and the drawing will be held at the end of business December 29th.
     2- An easy way to contribute to the YRCC is to shop at and choose Yarnell Senior Citizens Inc. as your charity. We are in the process of changing to our new name but please know that a percentage of your purchase will be sent to us every quarter.
     Our outreach has brought to us lots of new energy in terms of volunteers eager to help us with our mission.
     Club Yarnell activities in December will be our regular activities- game nights on Monday, Tai Chi on Dec. 5, and blood pressure checks on Tuesdays during lunch hours. Special events will be Todd Perroud's live music on Dec. 8, and to celebrate the holiday, a HOLIDAY DESSERT bake-off on Wed., Dec. 20, from 1:30 - 3 pm. Bake and bring your favorite holiday dessert to the YRCC by 1:15 pm. Three local judges will choose the top three desserts, and those winning treats will be featured items at the Center over the next three months! Entries should include enough to feed about a dozen people: the judges (who may need to sample items several times), and then goodies to share with other contestants. Enjoy your baking, and see you on the 20th! Sneak preview for January: A Women's' Accessory Exchange! Get ready to swap and/or donate scarves, jewelry and purses… great time to clear out the old, since you probably brought in new over the holidays! Details to follow next month.
     Our monthly board meetings continue to be on the second Tuesday of the month but we changed the start time to 3pm. Our next meeting is December 12 and are open to members. We continue to look for Service Area Ambassadors (SAA) who attend our board meetings and help with our outreach, programming and planning. We have SAA's from Wilhoit, North Range, Congress and Walnut Grove. If you would like to be a SAA from an area not yet represented, contact Michelle Jacobson at 614-353-4271.
     If you are interested in becoming a YRCC board member, our elections will be held in February at our Annual Meeting. Please speak with any current board member with your questions. We have four openings and candidates will have their bios and interest statements prepared prior to the meeting. Your YRCC membership expires at the end of the fiscal year. Please rejoin for $15.00 per calendar year, per person. Application are available online, or at the YRCC.
     YRCC Newsletter: We started a monthly newsletter in September 2016, where you can get extra information such as our menu and calendar of events. They are available at the YRCC and distributed via local bulletin boards and our SAA's. If you are interested in helping us defray the cost and advertise your services, contact Kim.
     Thank you to Judy Gates for the donation of a smart flat screen TV. We struggled with being able to use technology on the TV we had.